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What's it all about

In the game you inpersonate the mighty Shia LaBeouf in his quest to motivate lazy people to get over themselves and DO IT!

The Quest isn't that easy because people don't really want to do anything and try to stop Shia.

What's not in the game

Right now game is playable but doesn't really have any rewards for your play. There was supposed to be an Upgrade system with Money made by the motivated people as a currency. You would be able to equip your Shia with speakers, megaphone and others to boost you reach, movement speed and many more!

There was also supposed to be more diffrent levels ascending in difficulty, as well as Energy powered super attacks and boss fights.

But the time was short and our knowledge not really very good so if you want to see the game develop - let us know!


Arrows - movement

Space - jumps

X - short range shout

Z - long range shout

The team

Our team consisted of:

Wojciech "Wojtovix" Gościcki - Graphic designer

Adam "Adamovix" Gościcki - Music and sound

Zbigniew "devPie" Pyttel - Unity programmer

Wojciech "Lifes" Guderski - Unity programmer

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity
Tags2D, doit, jam, labeouf, motivation, sgj, sgj2015, shia, slavic

Install instructions

Unpack the file and run the "ShiaLaBeouf - TUQ" exe. Now you're done and ready to play! Enjoy!


Shia Labeouf - The Ultimate Quest.rar (49 MB)